“Are You Looking For A Cost Effective, Short Term, and Result Driven Weight Loss Program?”


 The all new 21 Day Transformation Program was designed to immediately transform your mental and physical destiny!


System 1) Personal Training Sessions        
  • You will have one on one or semi-private personal training sessions 3 x per week at a very low introductory rate. Scheduling will be done on a per person basis. Sessions will last 30 minutes with the trainer, and an additional 30 minutes of targeted cardio interval training.  ($500 value)

We know you are busy (who isn’t?), that’s why we have sessions starting at 6am and going until 8pm daily. We definitely have a time that will fit your schedule.


System 2) Self-Improvement Workshops

  • Overcoming obsticles
  • Forming powerful micro-habits
  • Empowering acts of kindness
  • Time management and Weekly plan outlook
  • Member connections
  • De-stressing

System 3) Nutritional Coaching
  • 21 Day Transformation program manual
  • “Done for you” meal plans
  • Nutrition coaching and assessment
  • Weekly feedback and adjustments
  • We tell you exactly what to eat and work around your lifestyle
  • We even offer healthy fresh prepared meals MTG fat loss approved!


System 4) Metabolic Assessment and Customized Fat Loss Cardio Program

  • On your first day you will be given a metabolic assessment where I will track your heart rate in order to find out exactly where your most optimized fat burning zones are.  From here I will give you an individualized taylor made aerobic cardio program to follow to keep you in a good fat burning level. 

Total value you recieve in this program=$1,150

Try our 21 Day Transformation Program risk free for 21 days and change your life for $247.

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Feel free to call me any time with questions!

Just leave me a message at (973)267-2121

During the 21 Days of our creative, fun and inspiriring program you’ll be challenged and motivated to make progress like never before. All the support and knowlege of the expert training at your disposal to help you craft the body of your dreams.

We offer a program that is based fundamentally in LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!

That is the beauty of this 21 Day Jump Start Program. Once you see the changes you can make in 21 short days, you’ll want to continue so you can keep creating the body of your dreams.

Feel free to bring friends!

Real People…Real Results!



Now just $197

Will You Finally Reach your Fitness Goals This Time?

Given the financial hard times many have faced this year I thought it best to offer this one time special to get us all in shape and back to making this country great!!! We will all pull through these hard times and I know as a result my fitness business will grow.

Seriously, this last year has been great and I have seen a tremendous amount of growth since starting my own company. I know it is because I continually over deliver.


So…here’s the deal.

You’re either going to recognize this for the fantastic opportunity that it is (if you do, congrats on a smart decision:), or you’re going to take a pass, lose out on this chance for a results driven program, and wonder how everyone else keeps making getting fit.

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My location is in the Morristown area

 Now just $197


I look forward to personally meeting you and helping you take your body to a whole new level.

Committed to your success,

Greg Crawford



 My Training Gym INC

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If you have any questions, please email info@mytraininggym.com